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Coming to Village this Friday night: BIRDEMIC Fest!

Wow, it's hard to believe the astonishing "romantic thriller" BIRDEMIC has been a living, pulsing reality in our lives for a year now. It was nearly one year ago that director James Nguyen (Master Of The Romantic Thriller) visited Austin. We hosted the second theatrical screening of BIRDEMIC at the Ritz and I sat next to Nguyen as the film unspooled. He had already been through the premiere at the Silent Movie Theater in LA so he realized that audiences were going to laugh, and he tried to get into the spirit of it as a whole audience of people erupted in laughter again and again, until I thought we were going to have a medical emergency. I think it was at that Ritz screening that the concept of the Birdemic Fest was germinated.

What is BIRDEMIC Fest? James Nguyen explains it all in this video. As Nguyen explains, "A BIRDEMIC Fest is simply a beer party. A beer party plus a screening of BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR with your friends, with your family, with your buddy... Just have a good time. At home, in front of a TV, in a movie theater, camping... anywhere!"

Do note that the date on James' above video is 2/27. We have chosen not to do it on Academy Awards night so we are jumping the gun a little and having our Birdemic Fest on Friday 2/25 at Village. You can buy tickets for that here. So come have BIRDEMIC Fest with us!

By the way, BIRDEMIC is now in stores everywhere so you can take it camping... anywhere! Here's historic footage of James signing the first copy of BIRDEMIC sold at Best Buy: savor it!

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