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Coming to A VERY GREEN & LYNCH CHRISTMAS? Win props, posters, Blu-rays, DVDs, shirts, and more!

Filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch are pulling out all the stops to make sure nobody goes home empty-handed. And it's all for a great cause!

Coming to A VERY GREEN & LYNCH CHRISTMAS? Win props, posters, Blu-rays, DVDs, shirts, and more!

UPDATE!: Adam Green has kindly stepped in to the "win a date" auction. That's right, you can win a fun, friendly hangout with Mister Green himself during the silent auction (will consist of a one-on-one private dinner with Adam when he returns to Austin again in March). All proceeds go to the American Legion Hall so this is a win-win scenerio!

UPDATE #2: A sword from KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM will be included in the silent auction tonight, courtesy of Iron Leige!

HO! HO! HO! We are less than a week away from the epic Christmas party filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch are throwing to help raise money towards building that elevator for our war veterans at the American Legion Hall, which is appropriately called "A VERY GREEN & LYNCH CHRISTMAS," and I want to give you a heads up on some of the stuff the boys have in store for you to take home.

First off, they have sent me a ton of eclectic and cult hit titles on DVD and Blu-ray - here's just a few: SALO Criterion (signed by SALO 2 director Fernando Phagabeefy), NORWEGIAN NINJA (on VHS! and DVD),  SHARKTOPUS (both signed by the man himself, Roger Corman and comes with an adorbable stuffed Sharktopus), GRACE, PHANTASM (Anchor Bay Collection), SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND, SATAN HATES YOU, ANTIBODIES, HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER, BITTER FEAST,  and HATCHET 1 and 2. Speaking of HATCHET, the boys are going to have a silent auction during the show, giving away some of the coolest props from this and WRONG TURN 2.

Here's what will be up for grabs in the silent auction:

-Screen-used prop hatchet used in the making of HATCHET.
-Autographed HATCHET screenplay.
-Collectible piece/plaque of Victor Crowley's overalls worn in HATCHET, autographed by Kane Hodder (number 97 of 100)

Big ticket items:
-"Marybeth's" screen-used army jacket worn by Tamara Feldman in HATCHET
-CHILLERAMA "ZOM-B-MOVIE" poster that's been made by the artist (and signed). Its extremely rare and rolled!
-The bloody skateboard prop from WRONG TURN 2

Pretty fucking cool, huh? And I've only just scratched the surface. 

Bring your best horror trivia questions, because sometime during the night we are going to play a game of STUMP ADAM GREEN AND JOE LYNCH. It's pretty simple - give them your best horror trivia question and if they can't answer it, you get to pick out some killer swag. Here's some of the goods being given away:

-Jack Chop T-Shirt size 2XL
-Adam Green/"Hope" T-Shirt size L
-ArieScope Crew shirt size M (only those who are part of the regular film crew have them)|
-HOLLISTON Crew shirt size XL (only way to get one is if you worked on the show)
-2 HATCHET 2 Crew shirts sizes L and a woman's size S (only made for the crew that made the film)
-GRACE Baby Bottle promotional item (super rare)
-FEARnet flash lights, journals, and gold dice. Yes, gold dice.
CHILLERAMA goodies, courtesy of Image Entertainment
-ZOM-B-MOVIE soundtracks - signed
-Offical posters
-mini-posters 11x17
-DVDs of the anthology
-WRONG TURN 2 soundtracks
-Jinx track jacket (XL)
-Jinx Army Jacket (XL)
-Jinx "Black Knight" T-shirt (XL)
-Jinx "Career Opportunities" T-Shirt (XL)
-Hard copy of "Killer Pizza" donated by Chris Columbus' office at 1492

A slew of awesome swag and a bunch of fun short films, exclusives, and a slasher film to watch? This is going to be one incredible event. Please make sure to support the wonderful sponsors who helped making this possible: ArieScope, Jinx, Anchor Bay, FEARnet, Image Entertainment, Iron Leige,TLA Releasing, and Dark Sky/MPI. HAPPY THANKSKILLING, WE'LL SEE YOU MONDAY! (Tickets HERE!)


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