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Coming Soon! The Commander-in-Chief: Ultimate Badass Filmmaking Frenzy!

Filmmaking Frenzy returns with COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF: ULTIMATE BADASS, presented by Badass Digest and Drafthouse Media!

Coming Soon! The Commander-in-Chief: Ultimate Badass Filmmaking Frenzy!

This summer, 20th Century Fox will show the world the hidden side of our 16th President’s legacy with their release of ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER. But what if Lincoln wasn’t the only president who moonlighted as an ass kicker? What if Teddy Roosevelt got sucked up into a space/time vortex and spent three years as a starship commander before returning to earth to serve his country? What if Thomas Jefferson spent a summer tracking and killing the great white shark who killed his most beloved slave? What if George Washington were secretly a psychotic lumberjack?

The possibilities, clearly, are endless, and in the newest Filmmaking Frenzy contest (the first held on its new home at Badass Digest!) we want to see what magic you can create with one of these scenarios. So here’s the challenge: pick any U.S. President from any era in our history, then pair him with one of the “alternative occupations” we have chosen for you.  Write and produce a parody trailer for your film and post it on Badass Digest. That’s it!

Share your film online via all your favorite social media channels and encourage your friends to check it out and vote for you, because audience votes will determine our top three finalists. Those top three films will then be sent to the desk of our official judge who will pick one Ultimate Badass as the best trailer of the bunch, and that filmmaking team will be rewarded with prizes, fame and never ending glory!

Points will be given for entertainment value and technical proficiency as well as historical accuracy and plausibility, so don’t forget to do some research before you lock your script.

The COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF: ULTIMATE BADASS Filmmaking Frenzy officially goes live next week, so stay tuned to Badass Digest and right here at the Alamo Blog for the full details when they're announced!



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