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Come Watch the 2012 Election Results at the Alamo

We'll be showing complete coverage of all results at every Austin location.

Come Watch the 2012 Election Results at the Alamo

It's that time of year every four years again when we as a country come together to decide who will hold the highest office in the land and the Alamo Drafthouae is getting in on the action. On election night we will be showing every drama-filled second of the 2012 election results at all locations.

This has been a pretty historic campaign. Not only will it most likely be one of the closest Presidential elections ever, it marked the first time candidates were 100% engaged with social media saying things like, "My opponent tweeted today..." and "Our Facebook group is now 10 million strong."

With that said you've most likely been completely aware of the drama and now it's time to see it through to the end on what will surely be a memorable night. Whether you're a Republican, Democrat or neither there's no better place to watch the events unfold on election night than at the Alamo where we'll have coverage on the big screen and you can cheer and boo as states that you don't normally care about will, for one night, have a deep effect on your emotions.

It should be a fun experience and the best part is we don't have a clue as to when all the hoopla will end. So come prepared to make it through a long night that is so important and thrilling it only comes around every four years.

At our Lake Creek, Lamar, Slaughter, and Village locations we'll be showing coverage predominately from NBC's local affiliate KXAN. But if you like your election coverage spiked with a little satire, The Ritz will be showing coverage from Comedy Central's The Daily Show.

Also, Everyone that comes in with proof of voting will also get half off on a pint of Thirsty Planet's Oval Office Honey Ale! Read more about this exclusive brew here.


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