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CLOUD ATLAS opens tomorrow!

CLOUD ATLAS, the new film by Wachowski Starship and Tom Tykwer, opens tomorrow!

CLOUD ATLAS opens tomorrow!

The wait is nearly over... CLOUD ATLAS opens tomorrow, October 26th at the Alamo Drafthouse!

After a four-year absence from the world of feature film directing, the Wachowski Brothers (THE MATRIX TRILOGY), now Andy and Lana as the Wachowski Siblings (or, as Andy dubbed the duo at this year’s Fantastic Fest, Wachowski Starship), make their triumphant return to the big screen with CLOUD ATLAS. Co-directed with Tom Tykwer (RUN LOLA RUN) and adapted from David Mitchell’s award-winning novel of the same name, CLOUD ATLAS is the first film by Wachowski Starship since 2008’s SPEED RACER, which despite the generally negative critical reaction in its initial theatrical release, proved to be both technically masterful and a faithful adaptation of the beloved cartoon series the feature film was based upon. 

CLOUD ATLAS is a film quite unlike any other, singular both in its scope and ambition. Thematically and philosophically, CLOUD ATLAS is about connections existing across barriers of time and space, the ability of individual actions to inspire reactions not simply in the present, but eternally both forwards and backwards in time. Inspired by the unique, nested structure of David Mitchell’s novel (i.e. six separate stories beginning, stopping, then later concluding in the reverse order), CLOUD ATLAS is a structurally beautiful film. It relies on thematic parallels between the stories to create interstices where they may intersect, overlap, or fold in upon one another. These moments allow the talented filmmaker trio to jump from one story to the next, across oceans of time and space, creating a different kind of continuity that - to my knowledge - has never before been seen in cinema history. CLOUD ATLAS is a remarkable achievement and is not to be missed.

This innovative and radical approach to storytelling by the Wachowskis and Tykwer is precisely what has audiences nationwide eagerly anticipating this extraordinary film. Here’s what top critics all across the nation have been saying about CLOUD ATLAS:

“Surely this is one of the most ambitious films ever made.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“It is so full of passion and heart and empathy that it feels completely unlike any other modern film in its range either measured through scope of budget or sweep of action.” – James Rocchi, MSN Movies

“An intense three-hour mental workout rewarded with a big emotional payoff.” – Peter DeBruge, Variety


CLOUD ATLAS opens tomorrow, October 26th, at the Alamo Drafthouse Village, South Lamar, Lake Creek, and Slaughter Lane, as well as Houston and San Antonio! Tickets are on sale now, including a midnight show at our South Lamar location! In the meantime, feed your excitement about CLOUD ATLAS by checking out this exclusive interview with the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer conducted by Devin Faraci at BADASS DIGEST:



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