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Cinematical & Drafthouse Films team up for FOUR LIONS Photo Contest!

Yesterday we mentioned Moviefone's Top 20 Iconic Horror Scenes, and their involvement with Alamo programmers Zack Carlson & Lars Nilsen (that sounds scandalous, doesn't it?). Today, Moviefone made another awesome announcement. Cinematical has teamed up with our new business venture, Drafthouse Films, for a little competitive fun in celebration of our first release, FOUR LIONS!

Now, if you've been anywhere near an Alamo Drafthouse, or someone who works for an Alamo Drafthouse, you've undoubtedly heard A LOT about this film. And for good reason. It's spectacularly funny, witty and an overall quality piece of film. Many people have picked up on these facts, and have taken on the task of spreading the word. So that's what we want you to do!

Many of you probably haven't seen the film yet (It opens November 5th in select cities!) so Cinematical & Drafthouse Films are giving you the opportunity to see it for free! Introducing the FOUR LIONS Photo Contest! You can find full details over at Moviefone's blog, but here's the gist:

In the film, our four main characters (Faisal), straps a bomb to a poor innocent crows chest and tries to teach him to fly through windows. If you've seen the trailer, you know how that worked out. Brother Crow has become the poster child (literally) of the film and we want you to put him everywhere you can! All you need to do is (using photoshop or some other photo editing software) insert Brother Crow, a title card explaining that this is a film from Chris Morris opening on November 5th and the url into an image of your choice! You can find all the files you need for editing on Moviefone's blog!

Eleven winners will be sent: -- Limited edition stuffed "Brother Crow" collectible, made with real feathers! -- Limited edition collectible Mondo Poster (from  Mondo Tees) -- 4-Pack of tickets to attend the film in the city where they live

You can read the full rules HERE, and you'll submit your images to the comment section of their blog post. You have until Tuesday, October 26th to craft the perfect image!


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