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Cinema Cocktails: Some Like It Hot

Our inaugural Cinema Cocktail event wants to be loved by you on April 6th

Cinema Cocktails: Some Like It Hot

There are movies that are so sublimely silly that you can hardly believe they exist.  Billy Wilder’s SOME LIKE IT HOT is one of these.  It’s packed so full of ludicrousness that it should just topple over into sheer disaster. But it’s to Wilder’s credit – and the easy talent of Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis – that it’s so effortless and believable.

SOME LIKE IT HOT finds Joe (Curtis) and Jerry (Lemmon) struggling to make a living in Prohibition-era Chicago.  Their luck takes a turn for the worst after they witness the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.  Desperate to get of town, they don drag, and join an all-female band headed to Miami.  It looks like smooth sailing … until Sugar Kane (Monroe) saunters by, making it a bit difficult for a drooling Joe and Jerry to maintain a girlish façade.

It’s rightfully considered one of the best comedies of all time, and Roger Ebert calls it “one of the enduring treasures of the movies, a film of inspiration and meticulous craft.” 

As part of our Grand Opening festivities, the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton is hosting a series of signature Alamo events, originating from the days of the original Drafthouses. One of these is Cinema Cocktails, where we screen a classic film, and pair it with unique adult drinks.  SOME LIKE IT HOT will be our inaugural Cinema Cocktail event on April 6, at 7:00pm.

Our master mixologist Bill Norris has created a menu of specialty cocktails inspired by the film that will be offered on this night only:

Spats' Milk Punch
Hide your drinking from the fuzz with this rich and spicy milk punch.  Whiskey, Allspice Dram, vanilla and a hint of sugar, topped off with fresh nutmeg.

Sugar's Champagne Cocktail
Sparkling wine, sweetened with honey and a touch of bitters, finished off with some strawberry decolletage.

Party in Berth 7
A bourbon Manhattan, easy on the vermouth, and over ice.  Just like a slumber party with the Society Syncopators.

Please note that drinks are not included with your ticket, and must be purchased separately.   But you don't have to wait until you're seated to imbibe.  Beer and cocktails are available at our ticket booth, and you can grab something grown-up at the same time you get your ticket, and carry both to your seat.  

Our full food and drink menu will also be available at our Cinema Cocktail events.  If you crave a meal or a dessert to go along with your Spats' Milk Punch, or decide you'd like an Old Fashioned instead, simply write down your selection on an order card, and our stealthy servers will pick them up throughout the film.   

And because we're long past the days of Prohibition, the Drafthouse has a cozy corner bar called The Glass Half Full that's available for your drinking-and-dining pleasure at any time. You don't need a movie ticket to visit and grab a drink or order something off our menu.   You can pretend it's a speakeasy if you want, though, especially if you're feeling very Sugar Kane.

This is an exciting time for Alamo Drafthouse Littleton, and we hope you'll swing by to Cinema Cocktails: Some Like It Hot and experience what all we have to offer. Dust off your strappy shoes, turbans, strings of pearls, and beaded gowns (this includes you, gentlemen!), and sit down to sip along with one of the funniest movies ever made.  Tickets are on sale now, so get yours today!



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