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Cinema Club Presents COMANCHE STATION with the Zellner Brothers


Rough, tough existential western introduced by the rough, tough, existential Zellner Brothers. The French love both. You will too.

Cinema Club Presents COMANCHE STATION with the Zellner Brothers

At each installment of Cinema Club we invite a guest expert or enthusiast to introduce a classic film and join Alamo programmers and the audience in a group discussion after the film. This Sunday January 15 our programmers Zack Carlson and Lars Nilsen will be joined by David and Nathan Zellner, the film-making team responsible for the forthcoming Sundance selected film KID-THING, as well as many others.

COMANCHE STATION (1960) is one of the best films made by the maverick auteur Budd Boetticher. Boetticher, a rough, tough son of a bitch who started as a boxer and bullfighter, made westerns unlike any others that preceded them, though he would have a gigantic impact on the subsequent films of Sam Peckinpah, Sergio Leone, Clint Eastwood and others. While his movies were commercially and critically successful in the states, it was the French (naturally) who really embraced Boetticher’s series of existential westerns. COMANCHE STATION was the last of Boetticher’s collaborations with the tall, taciturn actor Randolph Scott, a man of few words but unshakable moral strength. Here he must enter into an unsteady truce with his old enemy Claude Akins and his gang in order to return a young woman to her family from captivity by the Comanches. The threat of Indian attack is ever-present but the real tension is within the group and ultimately within Scott himself.

Buy tickets and watch the trailer for COMANCHE STATION here. See you there.



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