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Cinema Club gets some love from the Austin Chronicle

The premiere meeting of the Cinema Club is announced by Kim Jones in the Austin Chronicle.

Cinema Club gets some love from the Austin Chronicle

ninotchka_ver2We are very excited about the first installment of our new series Cinema Club. We're showing NINOTCHKA, a movie that only half of us can pronounce but all of us love. It's got the beautiful Greta Garbo in the lead, a woman who is hilarious in her dead-pan style. In this film, she's like Zack Galifianakis mixed with Ingrid Bergman. It's also written by Billy Wilder and directed by Ernst Lubitsch, two of the most important names in Hollywood comedy.

More important than that, however, the film is going to be introduced by UT professor Charles Ramirez Berg, and he is going to lead a discussion after the film. It's going to be one hell of an interactive show.

We're not the only ones excited about this new series. Kimberley Jones of the Austin Chronicle wrote a piece this week about the Cinema Club. Jones does a fine job of describing the project:  "The plan is to screen vintage films in the outer reaches of the classical canon – like this month's selection, Ninotchka – and pair them with film historians from the Austin community. And the point is to provide context to an audience maybe unversed in older cinema and a forum in which to have a back-and-forth conversation."

That sounds like a lot of fun. Lars Nilsen, our star programmer, also has a nice quote in the article:

"What we want to do, with the help of our academic friends, is to lead discussions about some of those refined points of films. The fine enjoyment of films. Like somebody who's enjoying a fine wine would say: 'Do you note that flavor? You can tell that it was in an oak cask,' or something, you know? I want to alert people to those refined notes in the films."

Read the rest of the article at the Austin Chronicle site.


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