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Cinco de mayo

Cinco de mayo promises to be an exhilarating romp at the Ritz.The Three Amigos quote along/ feast along - One part tequila, one part homemade tamales and one part pelvic thrust......the ultimate homage to the movie and all the hilarity it represents.

Last year Chef Trish Eichelberger of the Ritz came up with the brilliant tradition of celebrating Cinco de Mayo with the comedy classic "The Three Amigos".   If you seen this once you've seen it a dozen times but when was the last time it was on the big screen and yelled out your favorite quotes along with Dusty, Lucky and Ned? And surely you haven't been able to devour some divine Mexican cuisine while figuring out how many pinatas are in a plethora?  I can tell you that the tequila in our stellar avocado margaritas is not "uh, like beer".  Trish and her crack staff are hand rolling sweet potato and black bean tamales, using local Wateroak farms goat cheese on the chalupas.  Beer pairings and an iced cafe "ole" to wash down your agave nectar drenched handmade sopapillas included.

So come to the Ritz and experience the extra dimensions of taste and smell while celebrating the Cinco de mayo holiday.  Bring your appetite,  thirst and watch El Guapo try to best these unlikely heroes.  You can't go wrong this cinco de mayo if you remember the ALAMO!!!!

Fire Roasted Veggie Chalupa

With goat cheese, and an Avocado Pico de Gallo

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamale with Pipian Mole

Flat Iron Steak with a Tequila Mushroom Cream Sauce
With Cilantro Basmati and Tecate and Lime Braised Spinach

Sopapillas with Agave Nectar

"Café Ole"
Iced Mexican Coffee with Cinnamon and a touch of Mexican Vanilla

And every course is paired with a drink to help keep your throat loosened up for all the quoting.

"Can I have your watch when you are dead?

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