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Christmas Pops! Wrap Up

This Thursday we've got our last CHRISTMAS POPS! SING-ALONG of the year, and we actually JUST added a 9:45 show due to some popular demand by folks who wanted to sing pop star renditions of Christmas songs but couldn't make it down to the theater by 7pm. So if you want to grab tickets to that show, you can get them here.

After the shows, of course, we go caroling around downtown Austin, and last Thursday Barbara Slough, all around Sing-Along hero, came out with us also, and she was smart enough to bring a camera. Oh, and a whole squad of Taylor high school cheerleaders came along, too. They're in the red sweatshirts. Can you spot them in this shot?

The best part about the cheerleaders was when we asked them to help us spread the holiday cheer at the beginning of the show by leading the whole crowd in a chant of "Gimme an X-M-A-S!" and we had to pause after the X to figure out what the next letter was. Also when Owen asked if there were any Jewish cheerleaders, one of them raised her hand. "Really?" Owen asked. "NO!" she said, like we totally should've known she was joking. Are Jewish cheerleaders really such an anomaly? Anyway, on with the caroling:

We started out simply enough, with everyone singing Deck the Halls at the corner of 4th and Colorado. We attracted a bit of a crowd from the Spaghetti Warehouse and the people on the balcony at Six, but no one attacked us, so that was nice.

At 6th and Congress, we switched from the standards and starting singing Wham's "Last Christmas." That's probably one of the most touching Christmas songs of all time, all about how George Michael gave this girl his heart for Christmas and then the next day she gave it away. She didn't return it for store credit, didn't give it back to George, didn't even take the time to let it sit on her shelf for a little while to see if it would grow on her. No, she gave it away. And so on December 26th of that year, George Michael had to set out on this quest to find his heart, because the girl didn't even tell him who she'd given it to. A lot of people in SUVs stopped to listen to us sing this song. I think it's because they've totally been in George Michael's spot before and they know what it's like. But this year? I'm gonna give it to someone special (special).

On the steps of the Driskill we belted out a fully harmonious version of Happy Xmas (War Is Over). It's hard to sing the "war is over" part when other people are singing the "so this is christmas" part, though, and I kept having flashbacks to when I tried to be in my choir's barbershop quartet in high school. We couldn't sing very well, so we made ours a barbershop eightet so that if one of the tenors was off the other one could sing louder to help him find the right note. I was a baritone back then but I kept singing the bass parts anyway, because the guy who sang bass was on my left side and he sang low and loud and my voice just followed. It's easy to see why I host sing-alongs now, where I can sing as loud as I want but keep my voice hidden in a sea of other people who can't tell if they're singing out of tune or not.

We ended the night at the Jackalope, where we all got some free mead. Well, not the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders had to leave, because they were too young. Santa and Jesus, though? They could stay:

And Santa stayed very late, indeed. It's a hard time of year for him, though, so when he gets the chance to relax, we let him take it...

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