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Christmas at the Alamo!

Here are the special film events that we have to get you in the holiday spirit!

Christmas at the Alamo!

Whether you're the type to enjoy a pizza party, cereal and cartoons, heart-warming classics or explosive action flicks, we've got the good stuff in December to get you all warm and fuzzy for Christmas. This is the perfect opportunity to gather your loved ones and watch some of your favorite movies!

The schedule:

12/7 - DIE HARD

12/9 - HOME ALONE Quote-along and Pizza Party

12/14 - Cartoon Cereal Party: Christmas Edition

12/14 - A CHRISTMAS STORY Quote-along

12/16 - ELF Quote-along

12/18 - Girlie Night: LOVE ACTUALLY

12/21 & 12/22 - IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE


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