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“Cher” your jokes with the audience at our Hecklevision screenings of BURLESQUE

We would like to apologize for that incredibly lame pun in the headline. We hope your texted jokes are much, much better. 

“Cher” your jokes with the audience at our Hecklevision screenings of BURLESQUE

This February, we're embracing the glitter, the glamor, the guyliner that Cam Gigandet wears with a Hecklevision screening of BURLESQUE, the 2010 musical starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. 

When young Ali Rose (Aguilera) packs up her belongings and moves to Los Angeles to begin a new life, she quickly becomes caught up in the fast paced world of burlesque clubs — where interpretive dance meets striptease in the champagne room for a slow grind to a White Snake song. Cher co-stars as Tess, the oldest, leatheriest burlesque dancer in the house and mamma bear to her den full of dancing, leather fetish wear-clad cubs. 

While you may not normally have been caught dead watching a movie that features a song named "Wagon Wheel Watusi," even the most staunch of musical-haters will enjoy seeing the film as a Hecklevision screening. As the movie plays, you will be given the chance to text jokes to our high-tech multibillion dollar computer equipment — providing you with an opportunity to either mock Aguilera's Ranger Rick looking makeup or defend Cher's choice to come out of her cave and growl at music like some kind of sailor hat wearing Grendel.

This February, don't miss our two screenings of BURlESQUE, the movie critics called "campy," "cliched," and "so bad it's good."

Thursday, February 9 @ 7 PM — Mason Park

Wednesday, February 22 @ 7:30 PM — West Oaks


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