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Cheap tickets! Cheap beer! SERVICE INDUSTRY NIGHT at the Alamo Village!

In these tough times, nothing would be more satisfying than an escape from the rigors of our empty wallets. And now, for all of us non-billionaires who work in the service industry, there is a shining light at the end of the poverty rainbow every week at the Alamo Village!

It's a solid deal: bring your I.D. and current pay stub from your service industry job to any Monday post-9:30 screening at the Alamo Village any week and get in for just $5, or buy tix online and bring the pay stub to the box office before the show! We'll also have the Working Man's Bucket beer special available at these shows.

Here's the Alamo Village calendar! Now make time for inexpensive fun!

Ticket rate applicable to any feature that's accepting passes and special pricing - Some new releases exempt for first two weeks.

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