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CHEAP THRILLS comes to Houston as part of the Fantastic Fest Tour

Drafthouse Films' upcoming title arrives in Houston in advance of its theatrical release.

CHEAP THRILLS comes to Houston as part of the Fantastic Fest Tour

CHEAP THRILLS is a movie that will catch you by surprise. The film is a dark look at capitalism and the disparity between the rich and poor as seen through a very personal, very bloody microcosm. It’s also an insanely funny film that is not afraid to delve into some very dark, very unexpected material. Don't miss the new title from Drafthouse Films when it comes to Houston in advance of its theatrical release as part of the 2013 Fantastic Fest tour.

Pat Healy (THE INNKEEPERS, COMPLIANCE) plays Craig, a man who has just about been completely beaten by life. Having been fired from his job and facing imminent eviction, Craig – instead of returning home to his wife and newborn baby – decides  to momentarily escape his troubles via a quick drink. While in the bar, Craig runs into Vince, an old friend played by Ethan Embry (CAN’T HARDLY WAIT, EMPIRE RECORDS). Vince and Craig haven’t seen each other in years but both of their lives have led to less than desirable results.

What was supposed to be a quick drink between two old friends turns into a sprint towards total dehumanization when Vince and Craig meet two strangers with a lot of money and an appetite for dark fun. David Koechner (ANCHORMAN) and Sara Paxton (SHARK NIGHT) play Colin and Violet, the mysterious moneybags – a husband and wife who are celebrating a birthday and looking for entertainment. As the four celebrate over drinks and other assorted drugs, it becomes apparent that the couple might, in fact, be evil incarnate.

For Colin and Violet, fun involves daring otherwise normal people to do outrageous stunts – embarrassing, occasionally dangerous – in exchange for cash. Colin and Violent are very rich and they don’t bat an eye at dropping several thousand dollars if it means watching people perform inhuman acts born of out desperation. The film, under the sly direction of E.L. Katz, explores the sharp, thorny relationship between the haves and have not’s. Vince and Craig are treated like toys – their lives shattered under the promise of a wad of cash. The resulting film skirts the line between comedy and horror - it's frequently laugh out loud funny but the film goes into some very dark, very unexpected territory.



"Writer-director E.L. Katz manages to effortlessly balance punishing violence, rich characterizations, gallows humor, and even social commentary, all without compromising emotional accessibility or good old-fashioned storytelling." - Todd Gilchrist, GeekNation

"An astute balance between a simply engaging dark thriller and a trenchant piece of social commentary." - Scott E. Weinberg, FEARnet

"CHEAP THRILLS is a raucous pressure cooker that dishes out laughs and shrieks in equal measure." - Rob Thomas, Capial Times

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