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Chazz was here

The Alamo celebrates a lot of great aspects of the cinema- hatchet wounds, explosions, cannibalism, two-fistedness... but rarely do we ever give over the entire stage to a truly remarkable performance. That's right- there are actors in those scenes, which may very well be why you are so moved by the cannibalism on screen- an act many of us would find barbaric in everyday life. Some will argue this, but no amount of exploding hatchet wounds can ever compensate for lousy performances.

True, THE USUAL SUSPECTS has its fair share of charred bodies and bullets, but it's got something else- an ensemble cast of extremely gifted actors wrangling an otherwise convoluted plotline into something not only great, but golden. And Chazz Palminteri's Agent Kujan is no exception. Chazz was at the Ritz last night for a Q&A after a screening of the film, and it reminded me why I not only love THE USUAL SUSPECTS so much, but why I love Chazz Palminteri. He's got a real gift for casual intensity- a kind of strong-armed zen. On the Ritz stage, he had the whole audience watching every move he made...not because he was in a spotlight, but because you never knew what was coming next. I find this characteristic in his acting as well. The man, no matter what character he has become, thinks no further into the future as the past would dictate. Go rent BULLETS OVER BROADWAY and HURLYBURLY and watch the man. He builds right in front of your eyes. What a script does in theory, he does in practice and it's perfect.

We are very fortunate to have Chazz in town (from Broadway) for a brief run of his semi-autobiographical one-man showdown A BRONX TALE at The Long Center, September 3-6. Despite what the Alamo has been trying to teach you- live theater is not dead! It is very much alive and if you want to see it breath and move and react in ways you didn't even know it could, go see Chazz in A BRONX TALE. You can still get tickets and you can get them half price if you use this promo code online: bronx50. Do yourself a favor.

Thanks, Chazz.

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