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brunch-blogAs mealtimes go, Brunch is probably the most perplexing, especially considering the average Brunch occurs during the traditional time of Lunch.  And yet anyone who enjoys Brunch at noon is keenly aware they are not eating Lunch.  Furthermore, one can eat a sandwich for Breakfast by that same name, just as one may eat an omelet for Dinner.  So what distinguishes this elusive fourth meal?

Shooting from the hip: it's a class thing.  That, or it has to do with social acceptance of mid-day alcohol consumption...though the two may not be mutually exclusive.  Where else is it encouraged to enjoy a glass of champagne while the sun is up, let alone when it's not New Year's or at a Wedding?  That's why Brunch (as we know it) always falls on a weekend- we're not wearing the blinders of workaday sobriety nor are we bound by the suffocating authority of the timecard.  It's not a meal of sustenance, it's a meal of redemption!  A small reward of luxury to celebrate the weekly wind-down of the grindstone.  And it's where you can have French toast dipped in creme brulee and feel GREAT about it.

It's been a little over a year now since we introduced the special Alamo Weekend Brunch Menu, available during all shows on Saturday and Sunday before 2pm.  Any show- whether it's ALICE IN WONDERLAND in 3D or I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN.  In addition to the first-run fare, we offer up exceptional one-time-only Brunch events for the absolute Best in day-off luxuriating!

Check out what's heading your way in the coming weeks:

Brunch @ the Alamo: SINGIN' IN THE RAIN - March 6 & 7 at the Ritz Ticket Here

For this rare 35mm screening of one the most beloved Golden-Era Hollywood musicals to ever hit the silver screen, Alamo executive chef (and SINGIN' IN THE RAIN fanatic) John Bullington has prepared some additional delights available only at these shows!

Lockwood and Lamont 13.99 Seared NY strip topped with two fried eggs on a quarter Belgian waffle with fresh strawberries!

Good Mornin' 9.99 Strata of sourdough, fresh spinach, sundried tomatoes, wild mushrooms, manchego and asiago soaked in herbed egg cream and baked and a side of strawberries!

LA DANSE - THE PARIS OPERA BALLET - March 21, 27 & 28 at the Ritz Tickets Herela-danse-web

In this lyrical and beautiful film, vérité auteur Frederick Wiseman turns his camera on the Paris Opera Ballet.

"Frederick Wiseman's astoundingly beautiful documentary, has sumptuous delights to satisfy every balletomane...The unobtrusive camerawork and sensitive editing add to the resplendent images that illustrate the fragility and ephemeral nature of dance." John R. Killacky, San Francisco Chronicle

You’ll see a montage of the maintenance staff painting walls, buffing armrests, and picking up litter, then a rehearsal of a contemporary ballet danced by a man and a woman, then a scene featuring the director of the Paris Ballet working out the benefits that will be provided for certain donor levels, then a performance of a classical ballet featuring over 20 dancers. These scenes are not connected in any particular way, other than the fact that, seen together, they provide a total portrait of this ballet company.  Only available for Brunch enjoyment!

Jazz Brunch: WOODY ALLEN'S SLEEPER with The Jazz Pharaohs Live! - April 4 at the Ritz! sleeper-web

For this inaugural Jazz Brunch outing, we've chosen his 1973 "Classic Woody" comedy SLEEPER. Allen plays Miles Monroe, a jazz clarinetist and health food store owner who gets cryogenically frozen for 200 years, only to awaken in a seemingly Orwellian dictatorship - a non-stop, jazz-infused roller-coaster of madcap misadventures, brazen innuendo and classic Allen one-liners ensues.

Enjoy our special Alamo brunch menu and a pre-movie live set by Austin's finest Jazz quartet headed up by clarinetist Stanley Smith, The Jazz Pharaohs!

Tickets Here

A great way to start your day, so raise a glass and toast to the delights of champagne, cinema and time off work!


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