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Celebrate the King’s (belated) birthday at the ELVIS SING-ALONG

This past Sunday marked what would have been the 77th birthday of Elvis Presley. To celebrate, we're throwing a hip-swinging hootenanny fit for a King. 

Celebrate the King’s (belated) birthday at the ELVIS SING-ALONG

The Action Pack, Austin's masters of interactive programing, have assembled a two hour programing block that'll have you shaking your hips, taping your blue suede shoes and howling like a hound dog as you celebrate the life and music of Elvis Aaron Presley. Even suspicious minds will have to concede that an ELVIS SING-ALONG is more fun than a night spent in the ghetto. 

In a show full of the rock and roll riffs Elvis made famous, you'll sing-along to his greatest hits and see some amazing concert footage, music videos and archival footage. Plus, a few of his best films. This show is the Sing-Along you've been waiting for and will leave you so shook up, you'll be reaching for a peanut butter and banana sandwich as soon as you leave the theater. 

So grab your favorite teddy bear, your hunka hunka burning love or whoever you like to wrap your arms around at night and head out to the Alamo Drafthouse this month for the ELVIS SING-ALONG.

Thursday, January 19 @ 7:30 PM — Mason Park


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