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Celebrate the Holidays with Sylvester Stallone! 30th Anniversary: Ted Kotcheff’s FIRST BLOOD - 35mm!

FIRST BLOOD on 35mm shows on 12/22 at Lamar and 12/26 at Ritz!

Celebrate the Holidays with Sylvester Stallone! 30th Anniversary: Ted Kotcheff’s FIRST BLOOD - 35mm!

We have a very special treat for you arriving on December 22nd at South Lamar and December 26th at Ritz!

Sometimes, a rare opportunity and a totally outlandish idea collide to form the absolute perfect storm of film programming -- this is one of those beautiful moments. Get ready to mark your calendars, lovers of cinema!

This holiday season, the Alamo Drafthouse celebrates everyone's annual film favorites, the kind of movies that play on endless heartwarming loops from December 1st until New Year's Day. For some, the choice of the season is to relive Kevin McCallister's playful booby trapping against bumbling burglars in HOME ALONE. For others, they sing the deeply foreboding and memorable refrain of "you'll shoot your eye out, kid" along with A CHRISTMAS STORY. An entirely other group of celebratory cinephiles, ourselves included among them, tend to prefer a highly deadly holiday treat: Ted Kotcheff's ultra-genre-defining FIRST BLOOD (1982), the only Christmas movie out there today or ever(!) that truly wears its still-beating heart on its blood-stained sleeve. 

FIRST BLOOD is a Christmas movie that we all dearly love at the Alamo Drafthouse, but for some strange reason almost nobody watches it come the holiday season. Maybe it's the bloodshed that turns some off or perhaps the PTSD of a Vietnam vet hits too close to home, but there's only one Christmas classic that teaches the 'naughty or nice' lesson with extreme prejudice. This wartorn, battered Kris Kringle doesn't need to make a list or check it twice to enact sweet, satisfying vengeance. In honor of the film's 30th anniversary, we present a special holiday engagement of this free-wheelin', gun-totin', law-fightin' post-ROCKY masterpiece. Sylvester Stallone plays Vietnam veteran and occupational vagabond John Rambo, just returned from war. Without a house or home to call his own, he wanders the streets until arriving at a seemingly unassuming, small logging town. Although the sign at the town entrance reads: "Welcome to Hope," there is none to be found in the city limits, only misery and mistreatment from the local law enforcement. When they push Rambo out of town without realizing the consequence of their actions, he comes back with a signature, no-holds-barred brand of retribution. FIRST BLOOD is a critique of America's participation in Vietnam and a action classic. (Sam Prime)

For this holiday engagement, we are screening Sylvester Stallone's personal 35mm print!

Director Ted Kotcheff will conduct a Q&A via Skype after the screening of FIRST BLOOD on Dec. 26th!

Everyone in the audience for either screening will receive an exclusive John Rambo-style knife, included in the $10 ticket price. Also, these events are strictly BYOB: bring your own bandana! Buy your tickets now!


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