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Celebrate the Holidays the Alamo Way!

The Alamo Drafthouse Holiday Guide from Moviefone and Cinematical

Celebrate the Holidays the Alamo Way!

Christmas is in two days, traffic sucks, the weather can't decide what it wants to do, but it doesn't matter! Everyone has a couple days off work, you'll get to stuff yourself with food, give gifts, get gifts, get drunk, have awkward family discussions, and more! That's what the holidays are for. Well, we'd like to help you enhance your seasonal traditions a bit...

The awesome folks over at Moviefone and Cinematical put together an Alamo Drafthouse Holiday Guide for us! Even though we're pretty savvy in the realm of Christmas activities and delicacies (our December programming was just loaded with holiday cheer!), we never thought to sit down and distribute this information. Moviefone, however? Them's some smart folks!

The Alamo Drafthouse Holiday Guide covers executive chef John Bullington's recipe for the delicious Harry Potter butterbeer we serve in the theater, as well as the 'Chinese five-spice duck with plum ginger sauce' that was served during the Christmas Story Mini-Feast. Programmers, Zack Carlson and Lars Nilsen, contributed a list of six must see Christmas movies you won't find on TBS (which is tragic, because  a 24-hour marathon of Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny would be KILLER!), and Lars also breaks down how to have a perfect holiday-themed preshow to entertain the masses (or the fam).

The Action Pack and Alamo Chief Creative Officer, Henri Mazza breaks down how to have your own Elf Quote-Along and Christmas Pops Sing-Along, Mondo's Creative Director, Justin Ishmael suggests his favorite holiday posters to decorate your home with, and Alamo Founder and CEO, Tim League presents his favorite holiday brews to follow up that butterbeer with.

So if you're ready to have the best Christmas ever (or a big drunken disaster depending on the alcohol to weird Christmas movie ratio), head on over to Moviefone's blog and learn a thing or two about how we do things. Let us know in the comments how your recipes or screenings worked out, and happy holidays to you and yours!


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