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We like these guys! They are funny guys! And they are coming on May 5!


There are comedies, and then there are Comedies.  The former is the film you catch on a summer afternoon, chuckle at, and forget about three hours later.  The latter is a film like THE THREE AMIGOS, where all you need to do is cross your hands on your chest, and the person closest to you will immediately assist you in completing the Amigo salute.   Everyone's seen it, everyone loves it, and it's not a film that becomes less funny by its ubiquity.   That's rare in comedies, and especially in today's era of franchising them into painful oblivion.  

AMIGOS is a rare genre unicorn -- a comedy western -- which is probably what makes it so charming.  (The fact that it stars three comedic giants in one film doesn't hurt, either.)  It's the legend of three silent film stars -- Lucky Day (Steve Martin), Dusty Bottoms (Chevy Chase), and Ned Nederlander (Martin Short) -- who make the mistake of asking for a raise. Fired from their posh Hollywood gig, they find themselves desperate for work.  By fateful coincidence, the beautiful Carmen (Patrice Martinez) sees one of their films, and believes the Three Amigos are the heroes her village needs to fight the rapacious El Guapo (Alfonso Arau). She sends a telegram begging for their help.  But our Amigos being a dim lot, they believe they're going to star in a film with El Guapo.  They ride down to Mexico, where the bullets aren't blanks, infamous doesn't mean A-List actor, and they serve weird beer called tequila.  Will the Amigos rise above their screen personas, and save the village? Of course they will! It's a comedy, not a Sam Peckinpah western.

While we love all our Quote-Alongs equally, we couldn't resist making our AMIGOS event a little more special.  So, we scheduled it for Cinco de Mayo -- that's Sunday, May 5 at 7:00pm -- and added a special taco plate to our menu.  You'll get three beef tacos, rice and beans to start, and you have the to purchase additional tacos. If you want to keep eating, we'll keep serving!

As with our ANCHORMAN and THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Alongs, THE THREE AMIGOS isn't just about mimicking the lines.  There will be games and competitions beforehand.  You're going to have to get up from your seat, and do the salute. You're going to have bags of props that you'll deploy during particularly memorable moments.    And, of course, you're going to laugh. A lot.

If a plethora of tacos aren't to your taste, or you need a margarita (frozen or on the rocks!) to pair them with, our full Drafthouse food and drink menu will be available inside the theater. Simply write down what you're craving, pop up an order card, and our stealthy team of servers (who put the Invisible Swordsman to shame) will dash in to assist you.  

You can also order drinks straight from our box office -- our ticket staff can draw, draw beers like the wind -- to enjoy in the lobby, or take into the theater with you.   Should you need a place to mosey into before or after the film, our corner cantina Glass Half Full will be open for business. You never need a ticket or telegram to visit Glass Half Full, so feel free to put your boots and sombrero up whenever you ride into town. 

Tickets for  THE THREE AMIGOS Cinco de Mayo Special on May 5 are on sale now.  Don't end up with nada (which is not a light chicken gravy). Get yours now!





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