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Calling all artists for a kaiju-themed art show!

The Wonderbros are putting together another currated artshow at Mason Park and they are looking for giant monster-themed pieces of art for display.

Calling all artists for a kaiju-themed art show!

To celebrate the release of GODZILLA this May, we're paying tribute to giant monsters this May with our friends at Wonderbros Art. The duo are putting together a Kaiju-themed art show that will be displayed in the Mason Park lobby this summer. We're are also now having a open call to local artists and accepting submissions for some super fan art. Below are the guidelines for submitting your artwork:

Guidelines for Distroy all Drafthouses: The Big, Giant, Creepy, Scary Monster Art Show

  • All artwork should be a reflection of the current theme, any artwork deemed offensive will not be accepted. Please keep it PG-13-ish as we are located in a family theater.
  • Each artist can submit up to six (6) pieces of artwork.
  • The deadline for submission is: April 23, 2014
  • Submissions will be accepted via e-mail (using JPG files)
  • Please do not bring any artwork to the store until you are notified of acceptance.
  • Work must be ready to hang (i.e. Canvas, Framed, Mounted) – No loose paper or card will be accepted. (Artwork backings may be altered for hanging purposes)
  • Work can be in any medium (must be dry)
  • Weight of each piece must not exceed ten (10) pounds
  • Artwork size must not exceed 16 inches by 20 inches.
  • All selected work must be delivered to the Alamo by Friday May 2nd 2014
  • All artwork must be signed and a piece of paper should be attached to the back with the following information:  artist contact information (name, e-mail and phone), and the title & asking price for the piece. Artwork arriving without this information will not be displayed.
  • Artists will receive 80% commission off any sales. The curator will retain 20% commission on any sales.
  • There is no guarantee of sale.
  • The Alamo Drafthouse will do their best to safeguard the artwork, however, the Alamo Drafthouse assumes no liability for damage or theft.
  • Be creative and have fun!!

SEND SUBMISSIONS TO:  [email protected]




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