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Cabaret with Rebecca Havemeyer!

A special message about CABARET from host Rebecca Havemeyer

Cabaret with Rebecca Havemeyer!

Celluloid Handbag presents CABARET
Wednesday, March 23, 7pm
Alamo Ritz

As always, Rebecca Havemeyer will be hosting this month's Celluloid Handbag.  She is so excited about this month's movie that she wanted to say a few words before the big night.

"Ladies and gentlepigs!
Tha stank train of SXSW has finally left tha buildin and there aint a better way to sit back and soak in the cornucopia of moral destruction and musical despair of this past week than ta hole ya'self up in a big dark room and watch the monumentally immoral and musically destructive.....CABARET!!!

Ya gal pal REBECCA HAVEMEYER is so dang wired up and ret ta' serve up LIZA MINNELLI on a plate of pure gorgeousness this WEDNESDAY!  Get on over for some old Berlin, some sexcapades with hot hot kittens on a screen, and BOB FOSSE messin it UP with the dance stylins of a true demon in heat. It's gonna HURT! It will be amazin ta' say tha' least, chickens.  Get ya tickets and be there, Austin!

Ya gal pal,

Rebecca Havemeyer


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