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By threat of death, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA returns!!

A new 35mm pring of BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA rattles the Ritz.

By threat of death, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA returns!!

New 35mm print!
$5 at Zzang!!! this Sunday and reg shows next week at The Ritz!
Exclamation point!!!

About half a year ago, something impossible happened: A BRAND NEW 35MM PRINT OF THE CROWNING CINEMATIC ACHIEVEMENT OF THE '80S. At its Ritz screening, the theater was packed and people were vomiting with delight. Fans dressed up as Jack Burton and Chinese sorcery filled the air. On screen, faces were kicked and Kurt Russell was ripped. Then the print was gone, and tears filled the gutters of 6th Street.

But now, all the evil, violence and alcoholic wisecracks you crave are BACK! The Ritz is proud to present John Carpenter's culture-crippling masterpiece of boneheaded mystic facebashing! If you've seen it a thousand times, it's time for # 1001. If you've NEVER seen it, BE THERE. If you're blind and thus incapable of seeing it, have your friends act out the entire movie for you in your backyard. Because NO MOVIE contains the sheer entertainment power of the one, the only, the truly unparalleled BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA.

I mean DAMN!!!


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