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Bring the WOLVERINE World Premiere to Austin!  Vote Now!

xmenoriginswolverine_011Alright, Austin, this is a call to arms...specifically, arms outfitted with adamantium bones and retractable, razor-sharp claws.  The location of the World Premiere of the new film WOLVERINE will be determined by a popular vote.  So, Austin, make us popular.

From the press release:

"In an announcement made today on YouTube, Hugh Jackman, who plays the famed antihero in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, is taking Hollywood and the film's premiere to the people who made the X-Men film series one of the industry's biggest - inviting the legions of X-Men fans across the United States to be the first to "witness the origins" in their hometown with the cast on Monday, April 27.

To put in a bid to host the premiere, fans need only remember that "X marks the spot": at the website, they should mark their town with a digital "X." The location with the most votes/X's will win the red carpet, star-studded movie premiere."

So there you have it, Austin.  Now vote vote vote vote...if we don't win this, the Alamo Drafthouse will move to whichever city does.

You've been warned.

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