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Bright Lights and Lasers

YES, lasers! 

Bright Lights and Lasers

As some of our observant fans and Westchester drivers-by noticed this week, we have recently adorned ourselves. 

Nailed it. 

And here's our additional looker facing traffic on Central Avenue.  Quick honk if you love it!

We're in the eye of the storm, folks! You'll notice our food bars are IN and curtains are on deck.

Here's a taste with curtains post hem and haw.

Curtain instillation in progress (told ya there would be lasers!) 

Remember when we talked about the secret screen perforations a while back? Here's the magic sound blast they accommodate for behind the screen.  We'd like to think Nipper (the adorable RCA dog/sound snob) would be quite at home here! More updates to come, stay tuned for grand opening dates and details by signing up for our newsletter and following us on Facebook and Twitter. Announcements will be pushed frequently on these channels as they are released in the coming weeks!


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