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Fantastic Fest Favorite Ik-Joon Yang’s BREATHLESS returns for a special encore event at South Lamar!

Ik-Joon Yang's BREATHLESS (2008), Next Wave - Best Director winner at Fantastic Fest 2009, returns!

Fantastic Fest Favorite Ik-Joon Yang’s BREATHLESS returns for a special encore event at South Lamar!

2009 was a landmark year for Fantastic Fest. Among the highlights: the mind-altering shaky-face throwdown, Bill Murray making an appearance, the U.S. premiere of Lars von Trier’s ANTICHRIST - to name only a few. One of the most memorable and notable titles at the 2009 festival was a delightfully violent, yet surprisingly tender South Korean picture, Ik-Joon Yang's BREATHLESS. Audience members lucky enough to attend the Texas premiere of BREATHLESS walked away with a singularly rare, befittingly breathtaking cinematic experience under their belts. It was one of our favorites and also one of yours, so as Fantastic Fest 2012 nears, we are bringing it back to the Alamo Drafthouse screen for a one-night-only encore screening! BREATHLESS plays Wed., September 5th, 10:00 PM, at our South Lamar location.

Not to be confused with the famous Jean-Luc Godard film of the same name or its 1983 Jim McBride Richard Gere-starring American remake, BREATHLESS (2008) is the auspicious feature film debut of South Korean director Ik-Joon Yang, for which he was awarded the Fantastic Fest Next Wave (i.e.. first-time filmmaker) award for Best Director and received an honorable mention for the coveted audience award. 

Here’s a quick, easy refresher on the gripping, engaging plot of BREATHLESS:

"Sang-hoon is a stone-cold, foul-mouthed debt collector. While the loan company he works for is modest, the amount of pain he unleashes on those who owe is not. Extreme violence against them is a day-to-day operation for Sang-hoon. His merciless behavior doesn’t stop at work as he will beat on unsuspecting strangers and old men he passes on the street. Life is going along as usual for Sang-hoon until he meets Yeon-hue, a teenage girl whose courage and verbal wit take Sang-hoon by surprise. The two share an emotional connection (Yeon-hue suffers from a violent home life) and soon Yeon-hue brings out the compassion and love that Sang-hoon hides deep within himself. BREATHLESS, starring writer/director Ik-joon Yang, is filled with a rare combination of amazing fight sequences, brutal violence, humor and, because of the odd, but effective pairing of Sang-hoon and Yeon-hue, an unexpected poignancy."

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. One Fantastic Fest audience member perfectly captured the unrivaled power this film boasts to shakes its audience to their core. This is all the convincing you need.

BREATHLESS moved me so much that I had to go home after seeing it during Fantastic Fest.”

– Fantastic Fest 2009 Audience Member

Whether you missed BREATHLESS at our 2009 festival or whether you simply want to relive the compound, emotional wallop that runs through the lifeblood of this stunning picture, you can see BREATHLESS on Wednesday, September 5th, 10:00 PM, at our South Lamar location! Get your tickets here! (Sam Prime)


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