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Building the first Alamo on breakfast tacos

Tim recalls building the original Alamo Drafthouse on chorizo, egg, tortilla and pico. 

Building the first Alamo on breakfast tacos

In Mando Rayo's and Jarod Neece's book, Austin Breakfast Tacos, Tim League shares the story of what fueled the construction of the original Alamo Drafthouse theater. 

Tim recalls, "Almost every single day after working past midnight on the construction, we would drive to the Taco Cabana on Lamar and Riverside on our way home. We would order one chorizo and egg taco and an extra tortilla. We would divide the filling between the two taco shells and then overload it with the pico and salsa from the self-serve bar. That gave us a late-night dinner for two for about $2.50, which we ate probably four nights a week for six months."

"Although Taco Cabana probably isn’t the hippest choice for favorite breakfast taco," Tim says, "I still think they are pretty great, especially by fast-food standards. Every single time we go back to Taco Cabana, the nostalgia of building the very first Alamo Drafthouse washes over us. For that, it remains my favorite breakfast taco in town. I guess you could say their chorizo and egg tacos were the fuel that built the first Alamo Drafthouse."

You can read more on the story of the most important taco of the day in Austin Breakfast Tacos

Thanks to Dennis Burnett for the League family taco photo.

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