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Boy Howdy, WALL-E is simply amazing!

I went to the AICN/Fantastic Fest advance screening of WALL-E this week and was completely rocked out of my seat. I saw 10 minutes of footage at this year's Butt-numb-athon which left me and the entirety of that audience nearly speechless. My expectations were already very high when I took my seat. I get frightened when I allow myself to get worked up over a movie. If the movie is just "pretty good," I will still feel dark and empty inside because of my poor expectation management. Not so with WALL-E. This may very well be my favorite Pixar film of all time. The story is solid, the visuals are off-the-charts and the tone of the picture strikes that perfect balance between kid-friendly and smart-enough-for-adults. Just take a look at the website for "Buy-n-Large," the global-multinational corporation of WALL-E's future earth. Clearly the tone and level of humor in even conceiving such an elaborate tangential website should indicate that adult sensibilities were well managed during the crafting of this project.

So you've got the 38 year old perspective from me. On the other side of that coin, I give you the kids perspective. Madison and McKenna Rockwell attended the same WALL-E screening as I did. They were so on fire after the movie, within a half hour of arriving home, they had constructed their own homage to the film (see photo above). This doesn't happen out of boredom, this is an act of early fan frenzy and that speaks to the universal appeal of this film.

Young or old, nerd or not, everyone should come out and see this film when it opens (which is Thursday, June 26 at midnight, by the way).

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