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Box Wine Cinema: THE BODYGUARD

Come out to Lake Creek on February 20th or 23rd for the launch this exciting new series -- and to bask in film's Grammy award-winning soundtrack!

Box Wine Cinema: THE BODYGUARD

In case you haven’t heard, we’re launching an exciting new series next week at Lake Creek called Box Wine Cinema. The name alone has been raising some eyebrows and a lot of people want to know: What is Box Wine Cinema?

Box Wine Cinema is a series of scrupulously curated movie titles that we feel represent our feelings about wine in a box. We know that although it’s normally kind of cheap, and it’s kind of a guilty pleasure, many of us (fine, mostly us ladies) can really get down on some box wine… even if we normally do so in private. There is no cinematic offering that better represents this sentiment than some steamy early ‘90s drama.

Case in point: We decided that THE BODYGUARD would be the perfect title to launch the series. THE BODYGUARD gets a bad rap, but it isn’t because it’s a bad movie. First, consider fashion in the early ‘90s. The hairdos alone are enough to keep a modern audience from giving a movie any serious consideration. When you add on what Kevin Costner did to his reputation with WATER WORLD and THE POSTMAN plus what our beloved Whiney (RIP) did to hers with… well, you know, it’s easy to understand why not everyone can take it seriously. But to those of us who were the right age at the right time, we can understand the greatness of THE BODYGUARD. The performances are really quite good. Besides that, enough of the movie is focused on Whitney Houston giving music video quality performances so that you don’t even notice that the movie actually says important things about the price of fame and fortune and interracial relationships which 20 years ago really was kind of progressive. Even better than that though is the nostalgia that goes along with such a movie. I’m not ashamed to admit that even before I heard the news of Whitney’s untimely demise, I have often teared up at the fist note of “Run to You.”

And much like THE BODYGUARD, box wine doesn’t need to be relegated to being just a hidden guilty pleasure. Because even though it has frequently been considered tawdry, actually it’s often quite good. To prove it, we asked our Beverage Director, Bill Norris, to drum up the most delicious boxed wines he could find. Two of those wines will be featured at our Box Wine Cinema: THE BODYGUARD screenings.

We chose this title months ago, and boy are we glad we did. Come out to Lake Creek on February 20th or 23rd to help us not only launch this exciting new series, but also to say good-bye to Whitney.

Box Wine Cinema: THE BODYGUARD
Lake Creek, February 20th and 23rd

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