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Boom! 30 MINUTES OR LESS is finally here!

The Eisenberg/Ansari/McBride-fueled heist/buddy/bomb comedy 30 MINUTES OR LESS finally blows up on our screens at Ritz and Village this weekend!

Boom! 30 MINUTES OR LESS is finally here!

Ok, so this movie pretty much had us from the pitch: Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari, and Jesse Eisenberg starring together in a black comedy about a hapless pizza delivery driver who gets shanghaied by a couple of dopey would-be criminal masterminds who strap a bomb to his chest and tell him to rob a bank or... BOOM! Inspired by a true story (sort of, but not really). From the guy who directed the excellent tongue-in-cheekery that was ZOMBIELAND. 

Now, after watching the trailer(s) dozens of times for the last few months, we finally get to see how this potentially fatal blast of hilarity plays out on the big screen. If by any chance you were thinking of missing this film on opening weekend in favor of, I dunno, less fun stuff like watching the Republican candidates duke it out for supremacy at the Iowa Straw Poll, well, take a look at the "redband" trailer* again and come to your senses. You can always DVR coverage of that boring political stuff, not that you were really going to watch it anyway... 

*If you're not familiar, "Redband" means there's cuss words and stuff, so probably NSF. Also, they'll make you enter your b-day to watch it. 


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30 MINUTES OR LESS is on screen at Ritz and Village this week. Ready to buy your tickets? Good. Go here

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