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Bombastic New Zealand feature THE DEVIL DARED ME TO premieres 3/16 & 3/17 at the Alamo Downtown for

"Live fast! Die faster!!"

Stunt driving! Stunt dying! Records broken! Spines broken! Explosions! Contusions! Convulsions! Of laughter!

The most whiplashing racing comedy action romance in kiwi history is ready to set your eyeballs on fire at 200,000,000 miles per hour in Chris Stapp and Matt Heath's THE DEVIL DARED ME TO, world-premiering at midnight on Friday, March 16th and Saturday, March 17th at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown as part of this year's SXSW Film Festival.

Think you can handle it? Yeah right. Watch:

New Zealand roustabout-turned-film producer (and supreme friend of the Alamo) Anthony Timpson has brought the film, and cast members and motormaniacs will be in attendance for the most memorable night of the festival. Be there or beat yourself unconscious.

For more info on THE DEVIL DARED ME TO, visit the film's official site!!!

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