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BLOODSHOTS: The 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Frenzy tortures local film makers this weekend!

That's right kids, the annual BLOODSHOTS Filmmaking Frenzy is back for more of your blood, sweat and tears (mostly just blood), and it's back home in October, too.

Registration for more teams is now open over at, and we'll be announcing the genre/weapon/dialog assignments this Friday at 7pm. Teams will then have until Sunday at 7pm to scramble all over town and completely write, direct, and edit their movie based on the horror subgenres they are assigned.

And yeah, I said subgenreS, plural, with an s at the end. Because we're switching it up a bit this year to make sure everyone's caught a little off guard and wasn't able to spend the past year writing up a treatment for each and every subgenre we assigned in previous years. So yeah, you could get assigned Zombie Apocalypse this year, but you'll have to find a way to effortlessly blend that with all the trappings of a typical Werewolf film as well (although that's not actually one of the subgenre combinations in this contest).

You've got to be signed up and registered through Filmmaking Frenzy by Friday afternoon at 1pm to have an assignment ready for you by 7pm, so get on over there and register your team today. Screening times and dates will be announced at the wrap party on Sunday evening, so try to be awake enough to make a note of that info!

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