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Put on your Sunday best to win some swag as we prepare for the end of the world.


6 Friends - 12 pubs - TOTAL ANNIHILATION

The end is so very nigh and we here at The Alamo couldn't be happier.  Alamo One Loudoun's very first trilogy is almost underway with Thursday's release of Edgar Wright's BLOOD AND ICE CREAM TRILOGY.  Wright along with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost will forever be immortalized in what I would like to think is the dawn of the geek culture emergence of the 2000s.  There are only small occasions in which a team like this has created such a perfect blend of smart, stylized, and reverent entertainment.  This is truly an important and just plain fun trilogy that has been almost ten years in the making and encompasses everything that it means to be a movie lover.  That is why we are excited.

We are so excited about this trilogy that we knew that we needed to treat it a little more special than other films.  We have been privileged to obtain an insanely amazing prize.  The prize is set to appease any cinephile but most importantly any fan of Wright, Pegg and Frost.  Prepare for awesomeness!

The rules: dress up as our hero Shaun Riley from SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

1. White button up

2. Red tie

3. Some red on ya'

By participating in our official Shaun-Off you automatically enter yourself into a drawing for some AMAZING prizes. Food, posters, pint glasses plus one super top secret top prize. If you are fans of Edgar, Simon and Nick then this is a must! You will not be disappointed. Plus how awesome would it look to have a whole theater full of Shauns.

The schedule for the evening works out like this:

5:30 - Preshow

5:50- Intro + SHAUN OF THE DEAD

7:30- Break + Preshow

7:40- HOT FUZZ

9:40- Break + Preshow

10pm - Intro + Announcement of winners + THE WORLD'S END

Come whenever you like.  The drawings for the prizes will take place before the premiere of THE WORLD'S END.  Whether you've got red on you or you prefer shooting 2 guns while jumping in the air, this is the place to be and we hope you will participate and have some fun with us on Thursday.

(there is a hint to our top secret prize hidden in this blog)


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