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Blazing Saddles Quote-Along Beer Party Rolling Roadshow

The 5th Annual Off-Centered Film Fest is kicking off this Thursday night in downtown Austin at Republic Square Park with a BLAZING SADDLES Quote-Along Beer Party Rolling Roadshow!

Blazing Saddles Quote-Along Beer Party Rolling Roadshow

UPDATE: Online tickets for tonight's Rolling Roadshow are now closed but there are still PLENTY of tickets at the door.  Ya'll come on out!  Gates open at 6pm!  

Can you smell it in the air?  The gears gyrating from the mechanical bull, the sweet anticipation of pies hurling thru the air, the enormous pot of beans in front of the inflatable rolling roadshow screen?  Yes, the 5th Annual Off-Centered Film Fest is kicking off this Thursday night in downtown Austin at Republic Square Park with a BLAZING SADDLES Quote-Along Beer Party Rolling Roadshow!

We’ve invited out all of the central Texas craft breweries to take part in our opening event and in an effort to bring to life a certain ending scene- we’ve talked the brewers who will be on hand into participating in a pie booth that will raise money for a worthy non-profit the Texas Craft Brewers Guild! The big pot of beans is on hand to bring another certain scene of the film to life in the park. 

While you sip on tasty local craft beer, you’ll be quoting and shooting along with the Waco Kid, Mongo, Black Bart and the rest thanks to your free cap gun!  And how much fun will it be to drink complex and bold craft beers, eat beans and then get on a FREE mechanical bull! Action Pack shows are always a treat and Action Pack shows held outdoors on a wonderful Spring evening are doubly so.  

Enough about all the fun stuff going on at the park… let’s get back to the ales that will be there. Each brewery was invited to bring two beers:  a standard from their portfolio and then something SUPER-SPECIAL that is rare and hard to come by!  With the help of South Lamar’s Head Beer Nerd Jim Hughes, we’ve got a glimpse into each of these unique brews below. 

(512) BREWING COMPANY: A firkin of Pecan Porter with Toasted Coconut and Dried Cherry (512) have done something really special with their Pecan Porter. Not only have they put it in a firkin and cask-conditioned it, they've added toasted coconut and dried cherries to move it up to a new level of deliciousness.

ADELBERT'S BREWERY: Tripel B Tripel Specializing in Belgian style beers, Adelbert's is bringing their tripel, a spicy and complex beer with all the classic characteristics of one of Belgium's finest beverages. Not to be missed.

AUSTIN BEERWORKS:  The Number 6 A blend of ABW's Golden Fist Golden Ale and Battle Axe Imperial Red Ale. Who will win - the Belgians or the Irish? Or will it be a harmonious coming together of two nations? Be seeing you.

CIRCLE BREWING COMPANY : SPECIAL Alibi Blonde Circle are bringing two versions of Alibi to the party. The second one has been dry hopped with Simcoe and Centennial hops, blended with a little Blur Hefeweizen and finished with champagne yeast. Compare and contrast!

DOGFISH HEAD CRAFT BREWED ALES: Indian Brown Ale Dogfish is showcasing their most bold and complex brews at the theater on Friday night during the ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST Dogfish Head Beer Feast on Friday night – so be sure to snag a ticket for that.  Here at the park we’ll be pouring one of their best year round brews - the Indian Brown Ale!

HOPS & GRAIN: Greenhouse Belgian Imperial Stout H & G's Greenhouse beers are small-batch experimental ales. Greenhouse Stout is a classic strong stout with notes of cocoa, chocolate and coffee. It's fermented with a blend of four Belgian yeast strains bringing hints of banana and clove, and a crisp, dry finish to an otherwise malt-forward beer.

INDEPENDENCE BREWING COMPANY:  Easy Riser Dry Irish Stout This brew has all the classic characteristics of the style - sweet malt up front, then notes of coffee and chocolate, and a deliciously dry finish.

JESTER KING CRAFT BREWERY: Gravity keg of Jester King/Mikkeller Beer Geek Rodeo Another collaboration between JK, and Danish gypsy brewer MIKKELLER, Beer Geek Rodeo is an imperial oatmeal stout brewed with smoked malt, chipotle peppers and Vietnamese coffee. Aren't you glad you live in Austin?  Have you bought your ticket to this event yet? 

LIVE OAK BREWING COMPANY: Smoked Big Bark Live Oak's amber lager has been tweaked with an infusion of Lapsang Souchong from Zhi Tea in East Austin for a delicate smoked flavor. They're also bringing along some LO Hefeweizen dry hopped with Falconer's Flight hops to enhance the banana and clove notes.

RANGER CREEK BREWING AND DISTILLING : Strawberry Milk Stout The folks from San Antonio are bringing a Poteet Strawberry Milk Stout. Yes, Poteet Strawberry Milk Stout. I'll say that one more time - Poteet Strawberry Milk Stout. 

REAL ALE BREWING : WT3F Mysterium Verum Real Ale's Mysterium Verum range of barrel-aged beers is high class stuff. WT3F starts off as Devil's Backbone but then they ferment it with a strain of yeast from a certain Belgian brewery. Which one? There's a clue in the name of the beer.

ROGNESS BREWING COMPANY : Rook Scotch Ale Austin's newest brewery is bringing Ost - a roasty, toasty London Porter, and Rook - a malty sweet Scotch Ale. This might be your first chance to check them out!

SOUTH AUSTIN BREWING: Belgian Style Golden Ale Another recent newcomer to the Austin brewing scene, South Austin will have their Saison D'Austin and Belgian Golden Ale on offer.

THIRSTY PLANET BREWING : Jittery Monk Smoked Coffee Dubbel Thirsty Planet are debuting their newest beer, Jittery Monk Belgian style dubbel with an addition of cold-brewed coffee from local roaster Kohana Coffee! 

TWISTED X : Fuego Jalapeno Pilsner  Austin's most Tex-Mex brewery has taken a pilsner and added just the right amount of jalapeno peppers to give it a kick without being over-the-top hot. This ain't your average pilsner.

So, bring a lawn chair and a towel and come on out!  More details and tickets for this rootin' and/or tootin' Rolling Roadshow beer lovers paradise can be found HERE.

You’ll probably smell other things in the air after the audience puts a dent in the big ol’ pot of beans.

As of the time of writing this- tickets are still available to all of the OCFF events!

Get your tickets to the ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST Dogfish Head Beer Feast HERE!
Stick around for a special screening of some of our favorite WAINY DAYS episodes and a few other surprises with DAVID WAIN, JOE LO TRUGLIO and KEN MARINO LIVE HERE!

And see what all the fuss is about with the Best of the Off-Centered Film Fest SHORTS SCREENING by snagging your tickets HERE!

There will be some special Dogfish Head beers available at all events so come out and help us celebrate true off-centeredness!  Yee-HAW! 


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