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Blast Off With THE IRON GIANT and Ameribotics At the Aspen Grove Outdoor Free Family Film Series

It's going to be a SUPER...MAN of a goodbye!

Blast Off With THE IRON GIANT and Ameribotics At the Aspen Grove Outdoor Free Family Film Series

It's been an amazing summer at the Aspen Grove Outdoor Free Family Film Series, and it's hard to believe we've arrived at our last film.   But it's here, and it's going to be a terrific finale that we hope everyone will remember!

THE IRON GIANT is our grand finale, and we'll be screening it on Tuesday, July 9.   This is going to be slightly different than the previous weeks, as our main event will be a "Robot Fair," where Colorado robotic organizations will be bringing their amazing creations to prove that robots aren't just in the movies.   Among them will be Ameribotics, with their dancing robots, XYZBot with Fritz the Robot, FIRST FRC's Frisbee launching robots, Cubelets, Spheros and many more.  You'll be able to watch their robots perform, handle them, drive them, and find out just what makes them tick.

Ameribotics will also be on hand to discuss their ongoing efforts to promote engineering through the arts, and their preparations for the 15th International Robot Olympiad, which is being held in Colorado this year on December 16-19.   Before THE IRON GIANT, we'll be screening the short films the Ameribotics camp, "Robots in Movies" produced this summer.  It's truly going to be a night to celebrate the remarkable achivements of Colorado youth!

Of course, we'll also have a few games to amuse the crowd with, because it's not an Alamo event if we don't get you onstage to do something completely goofy.   In honor of Hogarth's B-Movie snacks, we're going to have a Twinkee eating contest,  and in honor of our special guests, we'll also be doing a "Build Your Own Robot" competition.  

We will also be doing our donation-for-beer trade again, and for a suggested donation of $4.00 to Ameribotics, you can get a tasty beer. Our brewer for this event is Left Hand Brewing Company, who will be on hand to talk about their terrific craft beer.

The Alamo will also have burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, candy, soda and water for sale, so come hungry, and we'll take care of you!

THE IRON GIANT event kicks off at 7:00, with the movie screening roughly around 8:30.  It's going to be a wonderful evening, and we hope you'll join us and send the Outdoor Free Family Film Series off with a bang!




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