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We're poised to set a new World Record for people dancing to Thriller at the Long Center this Saturday, and you'd better believe we'll have tons of videos and photographic evidence.

But no matter how awesomely we edit the video of the final performance together, it still seems like a daunting task to try to make anything awesomer than this single-shot lip dub a bunch of French students released online this week:

Lip Dub IUT SRC Rouen 2008
by arcanes-prod

To make something even near that level of amazing, we're going to need your help. If you haven't learned the Thriller dance yet, come out to the Alamo South Lamar this Friday night at around 7:30. We'll be teaching the whole dance in the parking lot outside (dress warmly, but comfortably enough to move and shake), and after that lesson you'll be all set to join us on the plaza in front of The Long Center Saturday morning.

Get more info on this entire attempt at!

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