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Behind the Scenes of an Alamo Feast!

One of our favorite things to do at the Alamo is pair a film with a delicious, gourmet feast. We pride ourselves on having incredible chefs, a top notch kitchen staff, and an extremely hardworking staff of servers and runners that allow us to put these things on. For anyone that's attended a feast before, you've probably seen the staff swoop in like ninjas with armfuls of plates, wine glasses, and more, but have you ever seen the prep work?

With the release of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, PART 1, we knew we had to continue our tradition of feasting while we watch Harry battle whatever magic issues he had to battle. I got to attend the feast last year (and was very impressed!) and really wanted to try the food again. This year, I had already seen the film twice by the time the film opened. Sure, I'd see it a third time (it's really good, you guys!) but I wanted to experience the feast a little differently. I decided to grab our little FlipCam and hang out with the staff all night. That, by the way, turned out to be my new favorite way of enjoying a feast.

The menu alone was enough of a draw for this particular feast. I mean sure, Harry Potter is awesome and everything, but look at this shit (complete with subpar iPhone documentation!)

Dragon’s egg Scotch quail eggs Paired with Bridlewood Chardonnay, Central Coast CA

Muggles Repast "Halfblood" sausages with aged cheddar and rustic bread Paired with Tenuta di Pederanza Lambrusco, Italy (this wine was excellent!)

Forbidden Forrest Soup Rich mushroom stock filled with wild mushrooms parsnips, celeriac and leek, finished with sherry Paired with Terre di Gioia Pinot Nero

Hog’s Head Pub’s Steak Aberforth Seared caul wrapped filet with stilton and bubble and squeak croquette (one of the greatest things I've ever eaten!) Paired with Villa antinori toscana

Peruvian darkness powder Espresso streusel on top of South American dark chocolate pudding with layers of caramel & hazelnut cream Paired with Rosa Regale Brachetto d'Acqui (a fabulous dessert sparkling wine!)

A lot of work goes into prepping and plating each dish, but before that part comes around, the chefs put even more work into creating the dishes. Executive Chef at South Lamar, Chris Kincaid, is a huge fan of the books and the films, and spent a lot of time crafting and pairing the dishes. In the video below, Chris talks about his though process behind each dish, and you can get a little bit on insight on the effort and the man-power it takes to pull off one of these events. Thanks so much to the staff for letting me hang with you guys and eat the leftovers. You're all champs!


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