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BEFORE MIDNIGHT, the Next Drafthouse Recommends Title, Comes to the Alamo!

Richard Linklater's newest film hits all Alamo Drafthouse locations nationally.

BEFORE MIDNIGHT, the Next Drafthouse Recommends Title, Comes to the Alamo!


Austin, TX--- 13 May, 2013--- The Alamo Drafthouse is excited to announce Richard Linklater’s BEFORE MIDNIGHT as the second Drafthouse Recommends title. Drafthouse Recommends spotlights a first-run movie with the Alamo stamp of approval to indicate that we love it and want everyone to go see it. Our goal is to highlight groundbreaking, innovative and intelligent films we believe deserve to be seen by as many people as possible.

BEFORE MIDNIGHT is the third installment, following BEFORE SUNRISE and BEFORE SUNSET, in Richard Linklater’s dramatic saga about fate and love told through the story of two lovers: Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke). This time around we meet up with the couple in Greece. They are happily together, but the romantic idealism they harbored in their youth has all but disappeared.  Now they’re left facing the everyday universal problems and issues of modern day relationships.

Linklater, Hawke and Delpy have grown with these characters over the last 18 years and that’s the key to what makes their story and arc beautifully real and organic. What the three writers have done is quite astounding by making a film that, if you’re a fan of the first two, is a fully rewarding chapter of Jesse and Celine’s story while also being a great movie on its own. BEFORE MIDNIGHT doesn’t shy away from the hard realities of modern relationships. Instead it lingers in those emotional truths most films don’t even want to acknowledge. It counters this while simultaneously being full of humor and joy as well. The combination makes it an emotionally complex and fully satisfying work of art.

Tickets for BEFORE MIDNIGHT for Alamo Drafthouse Austin will go on sale Friday, May 17. Visit for sales dates in all other Alamo Drafthouse markets.


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