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Beats Per Minute 48 Hour Music Video Contest!

We have a few make-a-movie-in-48-hours contests, but this one is the most fun, in my opinion. The shooting weekend is coming up soon (Feb. 16-18), so read the rules and register a team now HERE

You may be familiar with our popular Bloodshots competition in which teams of intrepid filmmakers push themselves to the limit to make a horror film in only 48 hours. We thought it would be fun to do the same thing with music videos. The catch is, until we give you the CD you will not have any idea to what song you'll be making a video. So you and your crew of pasty white Coldplay fans may find yourselves looking all over the east side for crunk juice. OR you and your posse of dangerous tattooed lunatics might have to learn to dance like Justin. You just never know. The only thing you can really predict is that you'll have a lot of fun. once everybody's checked in, we'll say "Go!" and immediately you and your team start scrambling: listening to the song, decoding the lyrics, making the shot list, borrowing and stealing guitars, wigs - whatever it takes to make the most entertaining video of them all.There are only a limited number of team slots available, so register now!

There are not too many rules, the big one is no production is to begin until after we say "GO!". The point of the challenge is to complete all of the creative process of producing a video within the 48 hours.

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