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BAYMAGEDDON is nigh this Sunday April 21st!

All Bay. All Day. Three secret Michael Bay films in 35mm followed by a FREE sneak preview of PAIN & GAIN!

BAYMAGEDDON is nigh this Sunday April 21st!

If you're busy this Sunday April 21st...cancel your plans, say goodbye to your loved ones and quit your job... BAYMAGEDDON is coming.

Michael Bay has crafted some of the most badass and all-around enjoyable films my eyes have ever had the pleasure of seeing in a darkened movie theater...and that is why this April the Alamo Drafthouse, Tough Guy Cinema and Paramount Pictures are celebrating Bay's new release with a non-stop, all-day ,all-Bay mainline of eye cocaine called BAYMAGEDDON. We're putting together a collection of our favorite Bay films films in an attempt to PUMP YOU UP for a FREE early sneak preview of the white-knuckled thrill ride of his return to form, PAIN AND GAIN. You read that right... four movies, one unadulterated manly night of muscles, mayhem, a mutual love of a man and his craft and any excuse for cinematic mayhem. We'll have on-stage games, custom Bay-tastic preshows, prizes, giveaways...and who knows we might even have a surprise or two? So start jacking up your corneas now because they are not prepared for the 10-hour red hot blast of non-blinking pure excellence they are about to be exposed to. If this is your first time Baying, watch out...because once you go Bay, then there's no other way. BAYMAGEDDON!!! (Greg MacLennan)

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