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Ron Fricke’s BARAKA (1992) opens tomorrow in 70mm!

Presented in Amazing AlamoScope continues with BARAKA in 70mm at The Ritz!

Ron Fricke’s BARAKA (1992) opens tomorrow in 70mm!

Our new film series, Presented in Amazing AlamoScope, continues with BARAKA in 70mm at The Ritz!

Few motion pictures compare to the immersive, non-narrative visual feast captured in Ron Fricke’s BARAKA. A poetic tapestry of images and sound, cascading over a score by ambient musician Michael Steams and featuring tracks by Dead Can Dance, Inkuyo, among numerous additional groups, BARAKA is unlike any film preceding it or since. A film without plot, storyline, actors, dialogue, linear or non-linear narrative, BARAKA is a film that boldly defies categorization and stands out as a singular cinematic experience. It is a puzzle for passionate filmgoers to unravel both during and after their initial viewing.

BARAKA, which means “blessing” in many languages, is a conversation between nature, man, and the spiritual – an observational journey through time and space. BARAKA spans the entire globe in its stunning breadth, documenting 152 locations in 24 unique countries. It is a capsule of world experience. Featuring elegant tracking shots and breathtaking time-lapse photography, every frame of BARAKA is a window into a hi-definition realm of pure imagination, lending a feeling of the fantastic to what is our everyday world. 

Originally a cinematographer by trade, Ron Fricke began by working on Godfrey Reggio’s KOYAANISQATSI (1982), a film that inevitably draws comparison to BARAKA on account of its similar subject matter and poetic, non-narrative style. Popularly considered to be a technical master of time-lapse photography and large format cinematography, Fricke is an undisputed, award-winning master craftsman in the field.

To see BARAKA in glorious 70mm is to check off a box on one’s cinephile bucket list. It is one of those rare opportunities that comes only a handful of times in one’s life. When the chance arises, don’t make the mistake others have made. Embrace your good fortune and see this stunning picture while you can!

After seeing BARAKA in 70mm, return to the Drafthouse starting on Friday, September 14th to see Ron Fricke’s long-awaited follow-up, SAMSARA (2011), which continues and expands on BARAKA's overarching theme of ‘man’s relationship to the eternal.’

BARAKA opens tomorrow, Saturday, September 8th, 1:00 PM, at The Ritz! (Sam Prime)


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