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Baptism by Film: The SAVED! Brunch Returns

By popular demand, the Hey Homo! crew's coming out to save us all again. The last show sold out. Don't miss this!

Hosted by Rebecca Havemeyer!

Have you been "Saved" yet? If you haven't, then you cannot miss this opportunity to open up your heart and let the good word in. Being raised Catholic, I grew up with the good book down my throat and a hard nun scrutinizing all I did. Now, I am older and wiser, and have realized that no book or any nun would know me better than I know myself. When watching this movie I could see a part of my life projected on the screen. An epiphany occurred that giving people a chance, despite feelings of hesitance, will many times surprise you. So, come on out and testify because aren't we all just a bunch of Homos any way?

In a Christian school, the fanatic Hilary Faye and Mary are best friends. However, their friendship explodes when Mary gets pregnant, after having sex with her gay boy-friend in attempt to "save" him. This inevitably questions the will of Jesus. Enough said. (Chivonn)

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