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Bangarang! Presents Ernie Reyes Jr. at the Alamo!!

Come see TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: THE SECRET OF THE OOZE on October 5th and SURF NINJAS on October 6th in 35mm with Ernie Reyes Jr. live in person!


Bangarang! Presents Ernie Reyes Jr. at the Alamo!!

Kwantzu Dudes!

Some of you know him as Keno...some of you know him as Johnny...but all of you should know ERNIE REYES Jr! This 4th Dan Black Belt in Tae-Kwon Do has been kicking ass on the screen since he was just 13 years old. Whether he's battling alongside Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, helping Bruce Leroy karate kick Sho'nuff's thugs, or beating the shit out of The Rock in THE RUNDOWN... Ernie Reyes Jr. has always been the real deal.

And the Alamo Drafthouse sure does appreciate a good bad ass... which is why BANGARANG! is having a very special two- nights-only engagement to celebrate him in all his glory! We're flying Ernie out and motosurfing him right over to the Alamo for 35mm screenings of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: THE SECRET OF THE OOZE and SURF NINJAS! (Greg Maclennan)



They're the world's most fearsome fighting team, they're heroes in a half-shell, and they're assembling at the Alamo Drafthouse in glorious 35mm with special guest Ernie Reyes Jr. in attendance!

The Shredder is back and stronger than ever, and our four sewer discarded mutagenetic turtles are in a race with the over-sized can opener to obtain the last cannister of OOZE. You see...Shredder wants to create an army of mutant freaks to take over New York City, but Keno and the Turtles won't let him. Yeah, sure, they defeated The Shredder before...but Shredder didn't have a genetically altered snapping turtle or over-sized wolf last time! So, take all that and combine it with a pulse-pounding fight in the middle of a dance club featuring the melodic rhymes of Vanilla Ice, and you have yourself a formula for a classic film experience.

Not only are we having Keno himself in attendance for this screening, but we're also firing up the pizza ovens and loading 'em up with a dangerous amount of pizza because included in the price of your ticket is your right to EAT AS MUCH PIZZA AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN! Just save a little room because we got a special secret of the Ooze dessert. BANGARANG!

Michaelangelo: "Ahh, ninja pizza!"
Donatello: "'Ninja pizza?'"
Michaelangelo: "Pizza that vanish quickly without trace!"

SURF NINJAS (October 6th)

Next year marks the 20th Anniversary of this forgotten gem. If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting this classic, then you've missed out on a partially robotic Leslie Nielsen villain, Tone Loc in a supporting role, the comedic stylings of one Mr. Rob Schneider in his prime, a young Kelly Hu love interest role, and of course..the first starring vehicle for ERNIE REYES JR!

Johnny and Adam are two typical teens growing up in laidback California with their adoptive father Mac. That is...until Johnny's 16th birthday comes along, and ninja assassins attack the two boys and their friend Iggy. You see, these aren't your everyday average surfer dudes—these two boys are warrior sons of the Patusan, and, with the help of their newfound one-eyed protector Zatch, must travel to their homeland to reclaim their rightful crown from the evil Colonel Chi (Leslie Nielsen). What follows is high kicks, hijinks, prophetic Sega Game Gears, and makeshift surfboards everywhere!

I wore out my VHS tape of this growing up because I always dreamed that on my 16th birthday I would find out some earth-shattering news about myself and start to develop powers of my own. Sadly, that day never came, but this film lives on, and a boy can still dream. Not only will we be showing this '90s classic on an extremely rare 35mm print, but we have heralded warrior prince Johnny LIVE, IN-PERSON for you to pepper with all your Surf Ninjas-related questions or whatever else toots your fancy. So, call your friend with a topless Jeep, scream out "MOTOSURF," and work your way down to the Alamo because this is a night that CANNOT be repeated.

KWANTZU DUDES! I'm not too sure what that means but it's probably like "free beer" or something cause people seem to love it when I say it...BANGARANG!



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