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BAGHEAD is almost here

There are probably a lot of people who start feeling a bit tired of giant CGI explosions around this time of year and start longing for a bit of humanity in their movies. Subtlety, wit, real humor - that kind of stuff. This summer, BAGHEAD may be just the ticket. And we've got it all week at the Alamo South Lamar.

"BAGHEAD is like a blast of fresh air. It has warmth and innovation, and the mischievous good sense to subtly make fun of the type of film that it is."--Cinematical

"A youthful tale of friendship and romantic longing boosted by the appearance of a menacing figure with a bag over his head. Seldom has genre been this warm and fuzzy. BAGHEAD is funny, a little scary but always honest."

Directors Mark and Jay Duplass (THE PUFFY CHAIR) return to Austin with a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, genre-twisting comedy that explores the minutiae of relationship dynamics among a group of desperate actor friends and roasts a gamut of indie films in the process.

After attending the Los Angeles Underground Film Festival premiere of the lauded indie film WE ARE NAKED, Chad, Katherine, Matt, and Michelle are desperate to launch their flailing careers by writing their own script, casting themselves in juicy star roles. That night they impulsively drive up to Matt's uncle's cabin in Big Bear, but horny ulterior motives upstage the boozy brainstorming session of good ideas for their unborn hit film. The foursome do get something out of their mumbling weekend in the woods, and it's something that far exceeds their expectations.

In addition there will be an outdoor premiere on Thursday night with the Duplass Brothers in person. Click here for details.Here are some clips from the film:

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