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Badass Digest Episode 10: Hidden History On Location

Welcome to our first 'clip show!' It's a tour of forgotten movie locations on Los Angeles' east side, hosted by Devin Faraci of Badass Digest.

Badass Digest Episode 10: Hidden History On Location

The first clip show from your friends at Badass Digest

What you're watching are essentially deleted scenes. My initial pitch for the show was like this: every episode would open with me at a famous movie location, talking about what was shot there. I'm always amazed that Los Angeles is full of film history that it completely unmarked and unnoted. You can walk past a house a hundred times without knowing something incredible was shot there because LA doesn't respect its history. The concept was to have the location bit and then we'd have the opening title and then smash into the episode. It turns out people didn't quite like that; it was weird to go from a location to an episode that had nothing to do with that location. 

But we shot a handful of these openings, and I think they were actually okay. A caveat: these are among the first things we shot for the show. This is all stuff from months and months ago, and I think I'm a bit stiffer on camera here than I will be in next week's episode. 

So please enjoy this holiday week 'clip show' episode of Badass Digest With Devin Faraci. Maybe if you guys like this we'll do another locations based episode - God knows there are enough awesome, unheralded locations all over LA.

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