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Austin Rock Band Championships Mar 19!

No, this is not a call out to find hot new "musical" talent. This is a call to Playstation 3 and XBox 360 owners. There's a new breed of Rock Band and we may just wipe actual musicians off the planet. Since Christmas, we've been nothing less than ADDICTED
to Rock Band. But now we're tired of keeping the party in our living room and the basement at our parents' house, and we want to bring it out into public and see what you can do. So in the spirit of rock that started with AIR GUITAR, we invite you to form a band, come up with some costumes, and come down to the theater to show us how you rock.

It's free to compete, but only the top 12 bands who apply will be invited to perform. Post a video of your band performing to the Austin Rock Band Championships Facebook Group or email a Youtube link to [email protected]. We will notify accepted bands by March 16. We'll also be posting updates, videos and photos to this Facebook group, so please join if you are a Rock Band enthusiast.

We'll have great gear and prizes for the winning teams, who will be judged by an aggregate of actual game score with bonus points for stage presence and costumes.

The Rock Band Championships are sponsored in part by Not only are they obsessed with film, they are, like us, addicted to Rock Band.

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