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Austin Critics chime in on MY SON MY SON WHAT HAVE YE DONE

Our exclusive run of the new Werner Herzog/David Lynch film starts today. The Austin reviews are pouring in, and most are just as excited about this provocative film as we are.

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done movie image  Michael Shannon and Chloe Sevigny (1)John DeFore of The Austin American Statesman, in his review "'My Son' continues Herzog's interest in bizarre," writes:

"Herzog returns to cinema with a tale full of the mad, primal impulses and enigmatic directorial flourishes that since the '70s have made him difficult for daring cinephiles to ignore." "In the end, Herzog refuses to suggest an explanation for the man's breakdown, but he paints a picture of it in a way that perhaps only he can."

Caitlin Moore of The Austinist writes in her review:

"Brad’s behavior in the film is deeply frightening, but there are other emotions swirling around as well. Brad seems to have absorbed the utter craziness that the world is so often capable of."

"Creepily entertaining in that specific Lynchian/Herzogian way, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? will probably leave many audience members saying “So What?” to this tense, stylistic exploration of one man’s descent into madness, and others will love it in spite of (or because of) its dementedness."


Stephen Jannise of Austin Cinephile writes in his review, "MY SON, MY SON, WHAT HAVE YE DONE proves that two head cases are better than one:"

"Herzog has essentially walked into one of Lynch’s mad-houses and emerged feeling concerned with how far adrift our civilization and all its trappings have taken us...This is a topic that you will likely not see discussed in any other film, a topic of challenging ideas that necessarily results in a challenging film. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to engage with these ideas and enjoy a beautiful, unique film from two of our most consistently inspiring filmmakers."

Check out some of the national reviews of the film in our previous blog post.

Tickets are available here for the limited engagement of this new film. One week only! At the Ritz.

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