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Austin Chronicle goes gaga over TIMECRIMES. So will you.

poster_cronocrimenesNacho Vigalondo's incredible sci-fi brain squeezer TIMECRIMES inspired Austin Chronicle critic Marc Savlov to reach for the stars. In his AC Pick review he says that TIMECRIMES is "a tremendously entertaining bit of Kafka that whirlpools down into The Twilight Zone." He goes on to call it "one helluva blast to watch" and say that "Vigalondo's triple command of surreal compositions, nerve-raping suspense, and the ability to draw out scarily emotional performances from a cast that includes, in a major role, himself is unassailable."

TIMECRIMES is playing at the Alamo Village right now. If LET THE RIGHT ONE IN whetted your appetite for imaginative fantastic cinema from around the world, then let TIMECRIMES cool the rumbling in your tummy!

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