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Austin Beer Week At The Alamo!

The Alamo can’t wait to drink our way through our Austin Beer Week programming with you, eh.  

Austin Beer Week At The Alamo!

Attention hosers: we are celebrating the majestic glory of Austin Beer Week in a big way with 2 events that are unlike anything else.

There are special tappings happening all over town (and we encourage you to get out and support your local breweries and beer slingers every chance you get) but no other venue is showing an insane Bollywood film or a movie that so prominently features Canadian jelly donuts while letting attendees sip on the perfect Austin ales.  The Alamo can’t wait to drink our way through our Austin Beer Week programming with you!


We chose ENDHIRAN: THE ROBOT because multi-course beer dinners go better with massive musical numbers and a giant cobra robot made up of millions of little computer generated dudes in suits.  Also because it is a Bollywood film that is appealing to a wide variety of Austin beer lovin’ hop heads.  You see, each of the beers being paired with the gourmet food courses from Executive Chef John Bullington are of the India Pale Ale variety. Since it is Austin Beer Week, we reached out to some of our favorite IPA purveyors to help make this night special.  Sure, normally Alamo pizzas and pretzels accompany tasty IPAs with style and grace, but not quite like this menu that was hand-crafted to work with the film and the local just-right bitter brews!  Observe what we'll be serving for your eating and imbibing pleasure:

Shiitake Pakora with Tamarind Chutney
w/ Live Oak Liberation

Wild Mushroom Paratha with Wasabi Honey
w/ Independence Stash

Lobster Korma Poori, Pickled Long Bean
w/ Thirsty Planet Buckethead

Lamb Biryani with Steaming Hot Rice Cake
w/ Rogness Gigantophlis

Pisatchio Kulfi, Caramelized Strawberry, Honeyed Rose Petals
w/ 512 IPA

This is all happening at the Lake Creek Tuesday Oct 23rd and the brewers will be on hand to experience the rollercoaster ride of a wild superpowered android capable of utterly wackadoo action while partaking in the harmony of gourmet Indian food and IPAs! Never heard of this movie but think the beer and food sounds amazing- trust us- you'll LOVE it!   Get your tickets HERE.

The next night we are switching gears and presenting STRANGE BREW with Strange Brews!  Your ticket here gets you a generous flight of five of the most extreme, fabulous and strange ales that are being kegged and bottled locally along with a fine 35mm presentation of the SCTV classic.  It’s gonna be a beauty, eh. Look at all the innovative and unique craft beers that are included in the ticket price:

Circle: Firkin of dry-hopped Envy Amber
Hops and Grain: Bourbon Barrel aged ALTeration
Twisted X: Siesta Prickly Pear Lager
Real Ale: Cut Black Quadrupel
Jester King:  Gotlandsdricka

And in addition to our regular menu we’ll also have a Canadian delicacies such as Poutine , a Canadian BLT and Ployes for dessert, eh! Oh, and Brewers will be on here as well to laugh along with Bob & Doug McKenzie.  Get your tickets HERE!

Trust us, these are quality Austin Beer Week events that you’ll want to attend at LEAST one of … unless you’re a real hosehead. 


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